I will have $100,000.00 or more in my savings account by August 12th 2014

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In the last 5 years of living in an RV and embracing the Road Bandit lifestyle I have gone through many ups and downs. During these ups and downs I never really took a second to realize why my ups came about and why my downs always seemed to follow right behind. I would always just give credit to the old gods and the new. (Game of Thrones I miss you oh so much) You see I never really understood the fact that I am creating my own reality. Everything that is happening to me is a cause and effect from all the positive and negative thoughts that I have been putting out into the world… brace yourself people cause shit is about to get realz.

It wasn’t until I met this crazy mofo named Jason Moffatt that I realized that you can pretty much do whatever your little heart desires. If you truly believe within yourself that you can accomplish something no matter how crazy its seems and you got the drive and hustle to make it happen…nothing will stop you. When I first met Jason Moffatt in 2010 I got to see first hand how he goes about his business of life and it was a huge eye opening experience for me. Since then I have been on a whole new level of awareness towards self-improvement and it has been a wild and crazy ride that I am now ready to start sharing with the world.¬†

During these next 365 days I will be documenting and sharing my experience of trying to achieve a new level of financial stability. Now people hear my on this cause I swear it is not all about the benjamins…it’s about the journey towards them. I am going to embrace all the good and bad decisions I make while I am on my way to obtaining my goal of $100,00.00.

One Hundred Thousand Dollar Bill

A Real One Hundred Thousand Dollar BIll

I will keep you all updated and in the loop on the tools and resources I will be using to hack my reality and create whatever my heart desires. From phone apps, to meditation, to treating my body with the love and respect it deserves… I am going to share it all. I will open up Randoras box and leave it out on the front door just like a bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. But in this case I won’t be putting up a sign that says “please just take one” instead I will keep filling up the bowl with all sorts of goodies that I know will show some of you the magic that is possible in this crazy thing we call life.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing journey as I go for the gusto and embrace that voice inside me screaming¬†swing for the fences Randy…Go Randy Go!

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