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Checking off #1 on my Bucket List

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 3 Comments
Saturday December 3rd 2011 is the day I checked off the number one item on my Bucket List, which was to work a UFC event cageside. Not only did I get to work cagside during all the live fights but my job was to go inside the Octagon before

SPOILER ALERT! Randy Primm Dies At The Beginning

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 4 Comments
Just recently I had my second near death experience when a 5 pound rock the size of a softball crashed through my windshield of my RV while I was driving.  The rock went straight through the windshield, crashed into the side of my fridge and then rolled under my

Losing My CoPilot

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 9 Comments
As some of you may know and others don’t. Last month I lost my friend and feline co-pilot Bird. She lost the good fight to her second stroke. She had her first stroke a year prior and fought if off and kept on keepin on. But this stroke was

The Boy Who Cried Sponsorship!

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 2 Comments
March will be 3 years of living and traveling in an RV. To me its been 3 seasons of a hardcore sport called Road Life. Sadly these seasons have all ended with winless record when it comes to landing that first sponsorship deal. There have been so many moments

Randy Primm Version 27.0

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 1 Comment
This month I turned twenty-seven years of age. Twenty-Seven years of eating and sleeping… laughing and crying… living and dying. I’ve had friends that sadly haven’t made it this far. I may be broke but I’m not broken and I consider myself blessed to be alive and healthy. Each

OMG! Did I just Impress myself?

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 4 Comments
Last night I decided to watch the movie “Unstoppable” and in previous months I  would usually just grab a bunch of snacks and get my grub on…not anymore! As I sat down to watch the movie I looked down to see what snacks I chose to munch on and

Get busy living, or get busy dying

Author: | Categories: LIFE 7 Comments
Straight from my favorite movie The Shawshank Redemption but you know what…it’s really that simple. You’re either living your life or wasting it away. For me, this year has been a weird blend of both. I’ve had many opportunities to get busy living and instead I got stuck in

The State of Bandit

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 2 Comments
Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s on like Donkey Kong Wearing a Thong While Singing The Road Bandit Theme Song! Road Bandit 3.0 is here! I have spent the last couple of months up in the raining state of Washington putting together a plan and a team to get this Bandit out

My Sober August Challenge

Author: | Categories: LIFE 1 Comment
First off, I am not an alcoholic nor do I play one on the Internet. I just enjoy a good time and lately there have been plenty of good times.  Problem was they were starting to slow me down. Hangover after hangover, happy hour after happy hour. Sure it

Joe Joe Now

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS No comments
I have recently started a Internet design and promotion company called Jump Start Marketing where we design and promote websites for companies that need a better Internet presence. It has been very exciting meeting new clients and getting to learn about what all they represent as a company. One

The Bird Status Report

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 5 Comments
Well this week started off real crappy when I awoke on Monday to find my cat “Bird” confused and falling over as she paced around the RV. I was so confused and scared for my 15 yr old kitty companion and I immediately setup a visit to see a

The3six5 Project

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS, TRAVEL 1 Comment
Today was August 24th and today was my day to tell the world what life was like to be Randy Primm. I signed up at the end of the year to participate in The3six5 Project, which is a project where 365 different people from all over the world, choose