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Today was August 24th and today was my day to tell the world what life was like to be Randy Primm. I signed up at the end of the year to participate in The3six5 Project, which is a project where 365 different people from all over the world, choose a day within the year and then blog about how that day went by for them.The project is run by Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman.

I met Daniel in Las Vegas when I was his cameraman for a live-shot about social media and how it will soon effect how we get our news.  After the shoot I told Daniel about Road Bandit and he smiled and started telling me about places to look into for managing my blog. I hope to be in Vegas in Oct for the Blog Word Expo and to see Daniel and get to thank him in person for all the help and for letting me be a part of The3six5 Project.

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