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Road Bandit 5th Episode

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The 5th Episode of Road Bandit has arrived!

The Movement is here!

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The band “The Movement” will be playing at the El Corazon in Seattle Washington on July 21st 2011 and Randy from Road Bandit was so impressed by watching them live he needed to shoot this video and tell the world. Check them out at

Road Bandit 4th Episode

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Mystery Castle is located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, in the foothills of South Mountain Park. It was built in the 1930s by Boyce Luther Gulley (died 1945) for his daughter Mary Lou Gulley. Paysperview– for more info visit RecipeForAccess– for more info visit Indiegogo- Since

Road Bandit 3rd Episode

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I’m back in Las Vegas  to check out the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. This museum has about 200 pinball machines and some are as old as the 1950’s. Check out there website at What is RB- Road Bandit is an interactive RV travel web series that features

Japan Tsunami Video – Hope over Fear

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I’ve been sick as a dog the last week or so and like most people I’ve been glued to the TV watching the news coverage about the disaster over in Japan. At first I was in shock over all the horrific video that was being displayed. After hours of

Road Bandit 2nd Episode

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Suit up and soar high with Road Bandit at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. If you haven’t tried it, put this down on your bucket list. It’s perfect for all ages, just make sure you’re ready to smile and have the time of your life! Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving-

Road Bandit 1st Episode

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Intro- Welcome to the world of Road Bandit.  He’s on the road day and night hitting up different spots in the U.S. Road Bandit has been a long time coming, and ladies and gentlemen.  It’s here.  Get ready to be Educated, Entertained, Interacted with and Inspired like no web

Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

Author: | Categories: NEWS, VIDEOS No comments is the world’s leading international funding platform, helping people create campaigns and fund ideas since 2008.There are over 18,000 campaigns on IndieGoGo and now The Road Bandit Project is one of them. So what is crowd funding and why did I choose for my campaign? Crowd funding

Road Bandit Holiday Update

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It’s December 16th 2010, I’ve been up in Seattle Washington since the end of June and man am I eager to get back out on that wonderful beauty we call the open road. Since first arriving up here in Washington I have made some huge steps towards building a

Everbody Dance With Matt!

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Matt from Where The Hell is Matt is at it again. If you haven’t heard about this guy, Matt is the lucky dude who got sponsored by Stride Gum to dance around the world in front of a camera. Check out his latest video which showcases tons of new

My First YouTube Video

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This was the first video I ever shot and uploaded to YouTube. It was recorded in a parking lot in Las Vegas about two years ago. This video happened when I decided to try and learn a design program called Dream Weaver and got bored and started messing around

The Neistat Brothers

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The Road Bandit Project is being evolved into possibly a weekly show and lately I have been looking at other travel shows for inspiration and format ideas. I was recommended to check out the HBO series of The Neistat Brothers because I was told it was right up my