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Why All Dogs Go To Heaven

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You’ve heard the saying and probably saw the movie but here is video proof that all dogs will surely go to heaven. The second after I saw this video I knew I had to share it with all the Road Bandit fans.  I hope this video remind us all,

Sober In Seattle

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I’m nine days into my super sober August and so far it’s been EPIC! I have been more productive than the last two months combined and I can’t even imagine what the rest of the month will bring. Before I hit the road and started Banditing it up, I

Hit A Chick…Get Your Ass Kicked

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So this last week I was forced to watch a TMZ video and it was EPIC! The Video involved Roger Huerta, a former UFC Fighter. Roger was involved in a street fight in Austin, Texas when a guy decided to sucker punch a chick right in front of him.

ChatRoulette – Use With Caution

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First off, have you heard of If not, brace yourself because you’re in for one crazy ride. was created by Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old high school student in Moscow, Russia. He got the idea from messing around on video chats onSkype and then created the program in less

Own Your Moment!

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Everyone can, but not everyone will. When the moment comes chances are you will either crap your pants and freeze up, or go for the glory and give it all you’ve got; there is no in between. Either you own it, or you lose it! I’ve met people who

Walk For The Cure

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While on the road I try and pick up shooting gigs in each city I am in and last week in Vegas I had the pleasure of covering a group of friends and family on their first “walk for a cure” experience. I’ve never participated in a walk myself

Tips From The Road #1 Facebook Photo Zoom

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This is the first episode of a new series called “Tips From The Road” where I will share with you some crazy new tips I’ve learned while traveling around the world. This first episode is about the awesome new internet browser Google Chrome and the exsteniosn Facebook Photo Zoom.

Happy Birthday Jason Moffatt

Author: | Categories: LIFE, VIDEOS 2 Comments
Its April 18th and I am in search of a gift for Jason Moffatt for his B-day. Jason is in San Diego while I am here in Vegas trying for some jobs. When it was my Birthday in January Jason shot a nice video for me…so what should I

Alby Mangels- A True Road Bandit

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I have been in a weird state of mind lately and I’ve been searching for some motivation and inspiration to get me back on track. Last night I received both in the form of an e-mail from Jason Moffatt. The subject line was a very intriguing one. It read

Chicken Shit Bingo

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 1 Comment
Many moons ago my buddy Perry was telling about this great game called “Chicken Shit Bingo”. It takes place in a little dive called Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin Texas. On Sunday’s, the Little Longhorn puts a plywood bingo sheet on top of a pool table. Then they

Road Bandit Cross-Promotion

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We are in search of companies all over the world who are interested in working with and allowing us to experience what they offer. If you or someone you know has a company, product or service and is interested in cross-promoting, please send us an e-mail at

Rachel Rofe – A True Road Bandit

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Rachel Rofe is a inspiration to thousands of men and women for her adventurous spirit, her loving heart and her awesome ability to smile. She makes everyone around her a better person and I can’t think of a more awesome person for the Road Bandits to stop and see