Japan Tsunami Video – Hope over Fear

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I’ve been sick as a dog the last week or so and like most people I’ve been glued to the TV watching the news coverage about the disaster over in Japan. At first I was in shock over all the horrific video that was being displayed. After hours of watching the news my shock was replaced by a sense of fear…like the world is falling apart. Most people try to ignore the news and I’m one of them. But when something like this happens I can’t focus on anything else. Some people ignore even these massive events and stroll through life always saying “better them, than me”.

I admit…the news is awful. Most of the time it’s focused on fear based stories that do nothing but harm are general perspective on the world we live in. So, after watching the news over the last couple of days I decided to put together all the hopeful stories I could find. See, its all perspective, “good news, bad news, who knows”. I want to show people out there, that even in the worst times imaginable, hope can overcome fear.

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