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MMA, commonly called “UFC” by newbies and girls alike, stands for Mixed Martial Arts and it’s really Badass! So who better than to be my first  Road Bandit online interview than founder and amateur fighter Keith Talarico of

First off, what is MMABadass and where is it going?

Keith: for now is a blog on my thoughts on whats going on in mma. There is a lot that is not said and i think certain things should be said as far as where it’s going, i want my readers to be thebadasses.  they make their picks for every major event. It’s a place for their voice to be heard.  I hope to turn into a brand with a clothing line and partnerships with other gyms clothing etc..

Nice, kinda like the Tapout guys?

Keith Not exactly, for me mmabadass is more about the fans, the voices that aren’t heard on the TV.  There are a lot of fans out there that know a lot about the sport, for now my site is their voice.  I want them to argue with me and prove me wrong.

Having trained and fought in the past, what would you like to see with MMA in the next 5-10 years?

Keith: I would like to see mma become the sport that all the hardcore fans already know it is…the most popular in the world. Think about it, we call all of our major sports champions world champions, butmma is the only sport out there right now that is truly international.  It doesn’t matter where you are from or what is popular in your culture, because all cultures love fighting.

Ohhh so true!…Ok so next week is a major fight between professional boxer James Toney and former UFC Champion Randy Couture. Why is this so big and what do you expect is going to happen?

Keith: This is so big because boxing has been saying that mma fighters aren’t talented.  No one in mma was doggin’ boxing.  Boxing felt threatened by mma because they saw their ppv dollars decreasing because people are now buying mma ppv’s over boxing ppv’s.  I think we are going to see Randy Couture implement a great gameplan (like he always does) stay out of James Toney’s range, take him down and demonstrate why mma fighters are the better athletes by pounding Toney into submission!

My money is on Couture…us Randy’s stick together

Keith: everybody’s $ is on Couture!

Is there a place in MMA for women and do you see them ever getting a chance to fight in the UFC?

Keith: Absolutely,  Bellator 24 show cased some great womens mma last night.  As far as it being in the UFC, I think Dana is going to want to see more quality fighters .  Right now there are about 5-10 quality fighter beating up on under qualified women fighters.

I am personally a fan of chick fights…It’s hot stuff! But seriously, some of these woman are beasts and I can’t wait to see someone whoop up on Cyborg.

Keith: It might be a while for that to happen, remember she trains at Chuteboxe, one of the best camps in the world!


Ok so I am 6’8″ and would love to hear your thoughts on what would happen to me if we got in the cage for 3 rounds :)

Keith: Your limbs would be in trouble after I got past your reach to take you down!

Yeah if you got me on the ground I would turtle up and scream RAPE!…

What can all the millions of Road Bandit fans out there do to support

Keith: All they need to do is read my blog…for now, if they disagree, post it, if they agree post it, and if they have no feeling on the subject post that too.  I also guest blog for I always post a link on my site to my articles on  So post there too!  Check in everyday to support, that’s all I need…(like I said ) for now!

Awesome stuff Keith and keep on being a badass!

Keith: Thanks man, keep on being the bandit of the roads!

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