The Ups and Downs of a Road Bandit Pt 1

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Randy I am

Its been 502 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes exactly since I first hit the road from Everett Washington. Wow over 500 days and I still get excited every time I get to start up the RV and hit the road towards a new destination.


I won’t lie…these last 500 days have been filled with many moments of misery and depression, but also moments of euphoria and excitement. But isn’t that life anyways? There are good days and there are bad days living in an RV, but honestly most of my days are the same. They consist of me trying to figure out and truly understand myself. Road life is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. But sadly I haven’t been able to embrace all the freedoms on the road so far. Its kinda hard to explain but I guess the best way to explain it would be like this… without any discipline or responsibilities to keep you motivated, life becomes simplified and uber-easy… I blame my inconsistent mind!


With so many things on my mind daily, its very hard to stay focused on just one thing for more than a couple of hours. I remember when I was young and my mom would get mad at me and tell me I had A.D.D. I then of course like any quick-witted 12 yr old replied back with…”Yeah mom well you got F.A.T ” Of course then a face slap followed and still to this day I think to myself that maybe just maybe my mom was right…NAH! C’mon I’m 25 yrs old, I live in an RV and I’ve decided to explore the world before all society collapses down on itself. Of course I’m gonna have a ton of shit running through my head every day of my life…don’t you?

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