Road Bandit Holiday Update

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It’s December 16th 2010, I’ve been up in Seattle Washington since the end of June and man am I eager to get back out on that wonderful beauty we call the open road. Since first arriving up here in Washington I have made some huge steps towards building a stable foundation that Road Bandit can operate on. I have a full-time executive producer and a Road Bandit accountant…life is good :)

I awoke two days ago to a notification on my phone that someone I’ve never met in my life decided to make a donation towards the Road Bandit Project for $200 bones. I nearly fell out of my bed with joy.  Seriously dude…you rock and what timing Mr. Stephen Kiser!

We are in the first stages of developing a better website and also we are getting “Betsy” my RV repaired from last years devastating tire blow out that tore up my bathroom. All that cost cashollla and now we can start making some progress.

Money has been my nemesis since the Road Bandit Project was first started. I’ve invested every dollar that comes my way towards moving forward and keeping that drive within alive.

I plan on doing some amazing things next year and I know that if I work my ass off and show the world what I have to offer…good things will happen.

Thank you to Stephen Kiser and all those who have helped me up to this point.Your kind actions have made me realize that the world has more to offer than I ever thought possible and now I just have to go out there and introduce myself :)

Happy Holidays!

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