Own Your Moment!

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Everyone can, but not everyone will. When the moment comes chances are you will either crap your pants and freeze up, or go for the glory and give it all you’ve got; there is no in between. Either you own it, or you lose it! I’ve met people who go for it all and others who will probably never make even the slightest of attempts.

Then there’s this classy cat named Jeremy Fry.

While attending a Celtics Basketball game in 2009 Jeremy was sitting in his seat waiting for the timeout to get over and the game to continue.

Now, I know from my experiences working NBA games that some timeouts can be quite long, due mainly to TV timeouts. During this long break the Celtic arena started playing Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” to pump up the crowd and give fans a chance to get on the JumboTron.

I have only had my hand make it up on the JumboTron during, a now extinct, Seattle Sonic’s game and to be honest, it was pretty exciting.

But for Jeremy, a simple wave of the hand or a shake of the hips wasn’t his style. Once he noticed he was on the JumboTron and Jovi’s first lyrics hit his ears, the moment was his to own.

Now, the director could have switched to another camera at any time… but he didn’t! Jeremy grabbed this moment and with a sideways, double leg tap in mid-air, now known in Road Bandit terms as a “Jovi,” landed on the ground.He knew it was time to own his moment and let the whole world know “you gotta hold on to what you’ve got!”

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