Road Bandit 3rd Episode

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I’m back in Las VegasĀ  to check out the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. This museum has about 200 pinball machines and some are as old as the 1950’s. Check out there website at

What is RB- Road Bandit is an interactive RV travel web series that features unique people and places around the country. He’s a simple man with a simple plan, live life and love life. And he wants to take you along for the ride.

Japan Tsunami Video Hope over Fear– Donate towards hope

Q-13 Fox Interview – First Live TV Interview

Indiegogo- Since people aren’t standing on the street this afternoon giving away free HD Cameras and Laptops…Road Bandit has partnered with the world leader in Crowd Funding: Check it out, even if you can’t donate, hit the feature option, it’s a nice way to say “atta boy, I like your style.-

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