The Bandit Is Back In Vegas

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Hello World! Its Randy the “Road Bandit” and I am back in Las Vegas for a week trying to put together a nice string of jobs and shoot some fun Road Bandit Videos before I head back to San Diego. Its been a crazy last couple of months with 100’s of miles covered while driving coast to coast with the one and only Jason Moffatt. I have had some great experiences and also some pretty shitty ones as well.

Right now I am in repair mode for both and my RV “Betsy”. She took a huge hit when I first hit the road with Mr. Moffatt when I had a rear tire blowout that tore the sewage holding tank in half which caused all my crap to spill all over a Texas highway. Poor AAA mechanic had to stick his head right under the tank to put on the spare tire and shockingly he didn’t seemed to mind the stench. Sorry Texas for shitting all over your highway and when I finally get my finances together I will adopt a highway spot to try and make it up to y’all. I am starting up a massive Road Bandit Marketing Campaign in the next coming days, so get ready for content daily and videos a plenty. The Road Bandit Project is fuel for my passion to keep on keeping on and every comment or suggestion I get lets me know you all care.

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