It could be a lot worse

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A Sad day for a fellow Road Bandit

No this is not “Betsy” my RV. This is just a frightening reminder of how bad things could get. Given all the mistakes I have made and the opportunities I have let slip away… it definitely could be a lot worse.

It’s October and Winter is suddenly creeping up and just like animals in the wild, those who are weak an unprepared won’t survive. If there is one thing that road life has taught me so far, its planning is never a bad thing. I have taken very few moments so far on my journey to sit down and map things out. I leap with out looking and hope for the best. I’m a gambling man at heart who’s running out of luck.


It’s a rough time for just about everyone these days and the best way to get through rough times is to focus on what you’ve got going for ya. Take a moment and realize how lucky you are just to be alive and able to read this blog. It’s the little things so far on this journey that keep me going.  Like the awesome comments I have received so far from the Road Bandit fans. They’ve taught me that I shouldn’t focus on the fact I fell, but to focus on the fact I’m getting back up.  I’ve got my health, I’ve got my house and with a good amount of energy and time…I’ve got my plan.


P.S. If you like or dislike this post, let me know… don’t be shy. Your comments keep me company out on the lonely road.


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