“Happiness is only real when shared”- Christopher McCandless

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Casey Fessler and Scott Minshall

Casey Fessler and Scott Minshall

“Without help from anyone I honestly would not be where I am today. Road life is rough and at times you will start to feel the lonely bug kicking in and things just feel less important when your sitting all alone in your RV”.

First off, I gotta thank the behind-the-scenes Road Bandit crew. Theses two madmen have supported me since the start, and both have offered their talents in Photography and Video to bring you those impressive shots that I of course would never be able to do. Casey Fessler is a Photographer out of Las Vegas and about 90 % of the photos seen on roadbandit.com have come from him. You can check out all his work at www.propermonkey.com and if you like what ya see order up a couple of prints and he can get them to you ASAP. Scottie Minshall is also a Photographer/Videographer out of Las Vegas who is currently enrolled at UNLV partying it up. Scottie can be seen nightly at the Planet Hollywood shooting the Steve Wyrick Magic Show. Both of these guys have helped me out greatly so far on my journey, but they aren’t the only ones I need to be thanking.

Randy Into The Wild

While traveling the country so far I have noticed that most people I meet are so damn nice. Whether its allowing me to do my laundry, use their shower, or allowing me to crash on their couch…most people offer their support without me even having to ask. I previously thought that most people are selfish, but honestly in the case of my situation I feel like the selfish one. Thank you to Casey and Alison, Scottie and Mandy and Eric and Erin. Las Vegas had nasty weather for living in an RV and you all allowed me into your homes when things outside got crazy. Thank you to Shawnee and Nic for treating me like family when LA was crashing down on me. Thank you to the whole crew at Coveredge that gave me a great place to park and a great job to brag about…You guys rock! Oh yeah and thank you to the late-night Burger King Drive-Thru worker who allowed me to order on my new bicycle even though bikes aren’t allowed in the drive-thru. Also thank you to all those back home who continue to support me and give me compliments and confidence when the road starts to look grim. Thank you all so much, someday I will write about your kindness and everyone will know how badass you all are…oh wait I just did :)

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