Chicken Shit Bingo

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Many moons ago my buddy Perry was telling about this great game called “Chicken Shit Bingo”. It takes place in a little dive called Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin Texas.

On Sunday’s, the Little Longhorn puts a plywood bingo sheet on top of a pool table. Then they put a wire chicken coup over the top and insert a bird. Anyone who wants to play bets $2 on a number on the board. When the bird shits, the person with the winning number takes the prize pool.

Pretty awesome huh? I thought so too.

In fact, I thought it was so awesome that I hopped onto Plenty Of Fish, (a free dating website) and attempted to score me a Valentines date for Chicken Shit Bingo.

SCORE! This girl was a sweetie all around!

Chicken Shit Bingo - Valentines Day

Chicken Shit Bingo - Valentines Day

The country western band rocked too. Seriously, they were superb. I love country music. Oh yeah, I almost got in a bar fight protecting a random lady from a drunken cowboy. That would of been pretty awesome for story telling.

My buddies Craig Allen and Couch Surfing Ori joined Randy and I as well. It was a all around great time. If you’re ever in Austin you gotta give this place a peek.

And if you’ll never be in Austin and just want to see a quick glimpse, here is a YouTube video I’ve snagged to give you a idea of what it’s like…. (Sorry, we didn’t shoot much footage)…

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