So it has come to this

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Selling with style

Look left or right as you drive down a main street in your city and you’ll probably spot at least a couple. Walk a block or two in your city and they’ll find you.  What are they? Better yet why are they what they are?…Confused yet? I am talking about of course our favorite roadside attraction sign spinners!

So the country is in recession, the unemployment rate is rising and your job will soon be obsolete. But have no fear, there are new forms of jobs opening up. Do you have hands… Can you hold up to 5 lbs of advertising… Do you enjoy waving at strangers as they drive by… Well have I got the job for you! But wait! Don’t want to work for the man… That’s right, fight the power! But you still like the sign holding idea… Well then, why not sell something else…your ass!

Venice ass kick

Of course this was only a post to raise alarm to the fact that there is no fight left in the american people. The question you should ask yourself is…how much are you worth? For me… about $3.50

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