Walk For The Cure

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While on the road I try and pick up shooting gigs in each city I am in and last week in Vegas I had the pleasure of covering a group of friends and family on their first “walk for a cure” experience. I’ve never participated in a walk myself and didn’t know what to expect,let alone how I was going to shoot one. This video gives you the full experience of what its like participating in a walk for a cause and this cause was for breast cancer. I follow along Sean and his wife Emily and their family and friends who have all come together to represent Team Mary. Mary was Emily’s mother who lost her life due to breast cancer a year ago.

Emily’s family and friends decided that they should start an annual event in honor of their mother and the “walk for the cure” was the perfect way to go. Covering the event from start to finish allowed me to really take notice to how many people out there have been effected by cancer. There was a unique type of energy that could be felt while walking the 3 miles with Team Mary and all the other participants. Everyone’s story was unique but on this day it wasn’t about the individual and their suffering but about the masses and their overwhelming support for a cure. I am so glad to have been a part of Team Mary’s experience and wont soon forget this Road Bandit video.

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