Picking Up My Pieces

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Another night I won't remember

Randy Dumpty sat on the wall, Randy Dumpty had a big fall. All the bandits fans and all the bandits best men, couldn’t put Randy Dumpty back together again.

An old ass poem with many meanings will get us started on another fun filled post about the daily struggles of a Road Bandit.

The poem Humpty Dumpty teaches me two things. One is what goes up must come down and the other is that everyone around you can try as hard as they want to help but in the end its up to you and you alone to pick yourself up and get back on that wall.

Right now I am up in Washington where I have spent 20 of my 26 yrs of living. I have tons of awesome friends here and a majority of my family resides here as well. It’s a perfect place to be in the summer and a cold and miserable one in the winter.

I’ve been up here in Washington for little over 3 weeks trying to iron out some business plans and also working on draining out all the negative practices that have been reoccurring while out on the road.

The negative practices I’m talking about our shitty work ethic, poor financial practices, over eating, over drinking and over sleeping.

Its time for a change and its up to me and only me to make them. All the suggestions and support in the world won’t do anything to a person who isn’t willing to change.

So the first step to changing bad habits is to start good ones. Goodbye alcohol! Hello 6-8 hrs of sleep and healthy meals. He comes focused and energized days with a financial plan that will keep this Bandit on the road for as long as I want.

Tony Robbins once said “If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can” and this Bandit must change!

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