When Vegas calls…you answer!

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I have been staying extremely busy in Vegas shooting and searching the city for the almighty precious shade. The weather here in Vegas has been cooking up my RV. Bird and I spend the middle of each day searching for trees and walls to chill out.

SMT Las Vegas

As a freelance videographer, when your offered a gig you take it. And if your offered two gigs in the same day you take both…regardless of the madness the day will bring. I was offered a floor director position for a SMT (Satellite Media Tour) The production was for the National Hardware Show. They go live to about 50 TV and Radio stations promoting new products for the home and garden. The production started at 1:30 am and I of course was already up since 9am the previous day shooting the Nelson Ghost Mine video. But the show had to go on!



Robert and Kevin from Coveredge are working hard and trying not to fall asleep standing up!

Having to work a SMT is tricky business, for both the Camera Operators and the Talent.

The main goal is to keep sleep off your mind for the longest amount of time. First one to mention sleep, has to go get coffee for the whole crew.



The second gig I had scheduled that day started at 8am as an audio mixer for a corporate shoot at the Bellagio.  So that means I have to find parking in the middle of the strip…now that’s not such an easy task when your living in an RV.  But low and behold I found some good parking behind the Ballys and ran to the Bellagio in my fancy dancy corporate work clothes…it sucks when you can’t wear sandals to work.  The shoot went by ever so slowly but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. I was working with Rob from five6 productions and Rob made sure it was an enjoyable shoot. So when it was all said and done I worked from 1:30 am to 6pm and then went to sleep in the Ballys parking lot….sleep has never felt so deserving.





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