Freaky Fun Fact Friday

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Today is Friday and I thought I would share with you an interesting freaky fun fact about me.

Did you know I once predicted an earthquake three hours before it happened? It’s true, just ask my buddy Kyle Bustanoby. It happened way back “In the year 2000.” (Man I miss Conan)

Kyle and I were sitting in our 1st period class of creative writing wasting time trying trying to guess what number the other person was thinking of. I started guessing the number Kyle was thinking every time. I think I must have guessed three times in a row and suddenly Kyle thought I had magical powers and to be honest I thought I did to.

So with a straight face, I then told Kyle there was going to be an Earthquake today.Kyle started laughing and went back to his school work. But I was sure of it and demanded he write down my bold prediction…but he didn’t.

Three hours later while I sat in the High School cafeteria eating lunch, the lights flickered and the ground started shaking and it began …A magnitude-6.8 earthquake rattles the Puget Sound area, causing more than $1 billion in damage.

What are the odds? Freaky or Fake? Well Mr. Ripley, guess what… it’s 100% true!

Hey Kyle, there’s going to be another earthquake on Sept 17th 2010…write it down!

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