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Road Bandits Mardi Gras 2010

Author: | Categories: NEWS, TRAVEL 1 Comment
We arrived last night in New Orleans and luckily we got hooked up by Jason Moffatt’s buddy Chad Mac who got us into the coolest RV park near Bourbon Street. Now we aren’t just near everything, we are smack dab right in the middle of the biggest party of

Road Bandit Cross-Promotion

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We are in search of companies all over the world who are interested in working with and allowing us to experience what they offer. If you or someone you know has a company, product or service and is interested in cross-promoting, please send us an e-mail at

Leaving Las Vegas

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS, TRAVEL, VIDEOS 25 Comments
Well the day has finally come and the Bandits are on the road again. I’m finally starting to experience life outside of a business parking lot and Jason Moffatt (MAH-FAT) is onboard and the bandits are finally Leaving Las Vegas. But before we headed out we checked out CoverEdge were

The Bandits Are On The Road

Author: | Categories: NEWS 3 Comments
It has been a crazy week and finally we have left Las Vegas and have arrived in San Diego. There is still a ton of things to take care of but the Bandits are moving forward. Stopping and taking a break is not an option, nor even a thought

Happy 26th Birthday Randy

Author: | Categories: VIDEOS 20 Comments
Hey folks, Jason Moffatt doing a guest post here to say Happy Birthday to Randy. Give Randy some birthday love!


Author: | Categories: LIFE, TRAVEL 4 Comments
Road Life has taught me more about life than the previous 24 years of my life did combined. But one lesson that I’ve learned that has cost me dearly so far is planning. Getting rid of all the responsibilities I had in the past and then jumping in an RV

Drink, Drank, Drunk! My New Years in Vegas

Author: | Categories: LIFE, VIDEOS 10 Comments
Its now 2010 and New Years Eve in Las Vegas is over and I’ve got some questions and I bet you do too. First off, why did I drink so much? Second, how did I end up in a hospital and why was I strapped to a bed? And finally,

Jason Moffatt Jumps On Board With Road Bandit

Author: | Categories: NEWS 5 Comments
Ladies and Gentlemen Its official! Jason Moffatt will become a Road Bandit and hit the road with starting mid January of 2010. So who is Jason Moffatt? How did I meet him and whats he gonna bring to table as the newest Road Bandit? Oh and just to

Frozen in my upside down world

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 5 Comments
A while back I was working a Seattle Seahawk football game and a co-worker came up to me and asked me how I was doing, I replied “fine…just fine” he then smiled and replied back “It’s your world Randy and I’m just in it.” Now that saying has made

If you only really knew John LaBossiere

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 8 Comments
John LaBossiere April 13th 1983 – November 1st 2009 This is by far the hardest post I have ever tried to write. Life has so many different stories and the story of John Labossiere has tragically ended. My good friend John was shot to death by a police officer

The Freedom of a Drum Circle

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 1 Comment
So I recently checked out the famous Venice Beach in California and while there I saw a crowd off the boardwalk huddling around like they were having a meeting. Then out of nowhere they all began to scream and then it happened! The beat started and so did the

Blog World Las Vegas

Author: | Categories: NEWS, TRAVEL 1 Comment
Lets get down to brass tax. Its October, has been around since March of this year and I have very little to show for it. So it’s time to kick the tires and light the fires. First off, I gotta learn me some of this fancy shmancy social