Drink, Drank, Drunk! My New Years in Vegas

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Its now 2010 and New Years Eve in Las Vegas is over and I’ve got some questions and I bet you do too. First off, why did I drink so much? Second, how did I end up in a hospital and why was I strapped to a bed? And finally, how did I get such awesome footage of my drunken escapades on the strip that night? Well these questions along with some juicy details on the “Night of all Drunken Nights” will now finally be answered.

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I have been stuck in Vegas since September trying to figure out a plan to solve Road Bandit’s financial woes and now that I was finally going to be hitting the road in 2010 I was super excited for New Years Eve in Las Vegas. So I decided to throw a house party in “Betsy” and anyone and everyone was invited. I parked in the parking lot of Mandalay Bay and had myself a crazy good time with some local friends. We played many drinking games including the original Road Bandit classic Cap Snatch Five.

Rum was the drink of choice on this night and I surely should have considered eating a big dinner before drinking. But who’s got time for food when your house is parked right on the strip and your hours away from one of the craziest New Years celebrations in the world.


Here I am in the RV with my drunk squinting face trying to tune in Tokyo, while Bird looks away in disgust. This night was one of those nights that you just had to be there. I usually don’t share these kind of moments with Road Bandit followers but with the new year comes new changes. I am going to be 26 on Jan 20th and I plan on traveling the country till about 30 and if I don’t let you guys in all the madness now…than whats the point right?


Anyways, back to the drunkenness at hand. After some crazy good times in the RV, we all grabbed our essentials including the infamous 2 liter of coke which was 90% rum and headed towards Caesar’s Palace. Why Caesar’s? Well why the hell not? Its a great casino and they just happen to be shooting a New Years show in front of the fountain and Bruce the Jib Guy was on the scene shooting for Channel 3. Bruce and I have worked together for CoverEdge which is a TV Production Company here in Vegas that has been keeping me afloat while I try to gather some loot before I hit the road again.

The journey from the RV to Caesar’s was one I don’t remember all to well, but my good friend Scottie brought along his camera to document the eventful journey. Thanks again Scottie for taking all them pics man. Without those I would never truly understand how drunk I really was. With Scottie covering the action we worked our way through the thousands of fellow drunks and crazy madmen trying to convince everyone that the world is once again coming to an end. I am pretty sure they use the same signs every year.

This picture was taken right in front of Caesar’s Palace about 20 minutes after the firework show. Now as you probably noticed from the video, I was always chugging from that damn 2 liter and if you really want to know why… well I can only give ya this. Have ya ever been on the Las Vegas strip on New Years Eve surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world and this giant camera jib sways over the street and then comes directly to you like you are the chosen one? If so, damn we should talk. But most likely not, because if you were there as well, you would have felt that magical feeling that you were on top of the world…well until you pass out and fall all the way down to the bottom. Thank you again Bruce and Zumi for looking after me before the paramedics came and scooped me up like trash after a raging concert.

Here is my New Years day bed and this is where things start to get crazy embarrassing! I woke up here with my hands and feet tied down to the bed and the door was closed. I was so confused at where I was and how I got there and more importantly why was I tied down. I thought at first that I was in a mental institution and they were tired of my Road Bandit shenanigans and wanted to take my brain. But after about 20 minutes of screaming, a nurse came and I realized I was in a hospital. She said she would undo my straps if I promised I wouldn’t strike her. Did I hurt someone? What really happened in front of Caesar’s Palace? Why am I here? I asked her all these questions and out came some crazy answers! First off, I was here because I passed out on the strip and when the EMT’s put me on the stretcher they realized I was way too drunk to just bring to the medical tents they had set up. They decided to instead take me to the Hospital. I was strapped to the bed because when I first arrived at the hospital I pulled out all my IVs and made a run for it until an EMT had to tackle me to the ground. I honestly have no memory of this at all, which is really crazy, but I am just glad I didn’t hurt anyone.


So around 6am that morning I was released from the hospital and allowed to go home. I called a taxi and as I waited for a ride away from the hospital I realized that I was robbed by the paramedics that scooped me up from the strip. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was robbed that night. All the drunks that had to be brought into the hospital were all missing any valuables they had on them. Luckily it was only about 50 bucks but still… shame on you EMT’s! Really, I mean C’mon you were like my saviors. Its like I was on fire and you poured a little gas on me before putting me out… for shame.  So I know what your thinking…how bad of a hangover did you have Randy? Well it wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t pull out the damn IV’s they put in me, but actually it wasn’t the worst hangover I’ve ever had. But once I get the hospital bill, that probably will change my feeling on that. So its 2010 I’m still alive and in about a week and a half Jason Moffatt is gonna be here in Vegas and RoadBandit.com will be off and running again. If this is how my new year is gonna be, I better make sure I keep them cameras rolling every step of the way.

Ok so my New Years was pretty crazy but I bet we have all had at least one crazy New Years Story in our lives. So lets hear some of your craziest New Years experiences.

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