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The Bird Status Report

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 5 Comments
Well this week started off real crappy when I awoke on Monday to find my cat “Bird” confused and falling over as she paced around the RV. I was so confused and scared for my 15 yr old kitty companion and I immediately setup a visit to see a

Chillin In Lake Stevens

Author: | Categories: NEWS 2 Comments
I am back up in my home town of Lake Stevens Washington getting things all lined up for some exciting times ahead. Exciting news to follow…

The3six5 Project

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS, TRAVEL 1 Comment
Today was August 24th and today was my day to tell the world what life was like to be Randy Primm. I signed up at the end of the year to participate in The3six5 Project, which is a project where 365 different people from all over the world, choose

The Bird Is Still The Word

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 5 Comments
Well today sucked. Woke up to a cat who wasn’t all there. Apparently my 15 yr old cat “Bird” had herself a minor stroke during the night and when I awoke in the morning she was looking like she wasn’t going to make it through the day. She wasn’t

Seattle Seahawks Football

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Are you ready for some football? It’s getting to be that time of year where getting drunk before noon on a Sunday is understandable. That’s right, the NFL season is under way. Well, at least the presean has started and I since I am still up in Washington I

Jason Moffatt Owes Me A Six Pack

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 4 Comments
Halfway through August and I am already cashing in on tons of productivity, early mornings and now I’ve won a a whole six pack by the one and only Jason Moffatt.   Question is, will Jason be sending me six pack of beer to tempt me or a six


Author: | Categories: NEWS 1 Comment
MMA, commonly called “UFC” by newbies and girls alike, stands for Mixed Martial Arts and it’s really Badass! So who better than to be my first  Road Bandit online interview than founder and amateur fighter Keith Talarico of First off, what is MMABadass and where is it going?

Get Inspired This Weekend

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 3 Comments
Tony Robbins and NBC just released four more full episodes of the recently canceled show “Breakthrough.” The show “Breakthrough” is about motivation and inspiration as Tony Robbins deals with unique stories of despair and hardships in people’s lives. He gives people thirty days to turn their lives around and

Patiently Building Momentum

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS 3 Comments
The Road Bandit Project is picking up steam but it hasn’t been easy. I feel like each time takes a dive and I stop producing videos and posts I let down a bunch of fans. Like I have said many a time before… problems with money and motivation

ProperMonkey Photography

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Since hitting the road in April of 2008 I have met some really cool and talented people. On the top of that list would have to be Casey Fessler of ProperMonkey Photography. This guy has the passion and the skills to take any picture, in any situation and make

In Rob Burns We Trust

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Rob Burns is a badass and this is why: Rob’s tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried When Rob Burns does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down Rob Burns lost his virginity before his dad did On the 7th day, God

Cheers Without The Beers

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Today is August 1st 2010. Today is my sisters 25th birthday. Today is also the 1st day of my Super Sober Fun Time Challenge! I woke up this morning or should I say this afternoon, slightly hungover and lacking the drive to get up and get my day going.