Cheers Without The Beers

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Today is August 1st 2010. Today is my sisters 25th birthday. Today is also the 1st day of my Super Sober Fun Time Challenge!

I woke up this morning or should I say this afternoon, slightly hungover and lacking the drive to get up and get my day going. This has been an embarrassing  routine for me lately but something special happened to me today… I asked why.

Why do I drink?

When I do drink…why do I drink so much?

Why am I not treating my body right?

To ask why is to search for a reason. Usually for me there has to be a reason to do something and that reason has to be good. But over the last 2 years while out on the road my reasons have seemed to dimish from…” lets drink because its New Years” to “lets drink because its a Wednesday.”

I’m 26, have no kids and the only main responsibilies I have are to take care of my cat and myself. So 1 out of 2 ain’t bad right?

Well in order to achieve greatness out on the road I need to achieve greatness within myself first. Both body and mind must be healthy and ready for any challenge. So with that said, I’ve decided to kick over the cup, pour one out for all my homies and give up the bottle for one whole month.

August will be my month to let my body and my mind rebuild. As you have seen in previous Road Bandit videos such as the Drink Drank Drunk video, I’m that guy who lets the nights keep on rocking and lets the mornings keep on sucking.

Follow along as I let you in on all my techniques on how I will avoid temptations, renergize my mind and body and get ready to get back out on the road for more adventures and life lessons.

Cheers!…without the beers :)

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