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How To Use Google Maps Pt. 1

Author: | Categories: VIDEOS 7 Comments
Google Maps is such a great tool for the Road Bandits. Oddly, I find that a lot of people have no real clue about how awesome this tool really is.  Over the next few weeks/months Randy and I will show you some cool tips and trick with Google Maps

Leaving Las Vegas

Author: | Categories: LIFE, NEWS, TRAVEL, VIDEOS 25 Comments
Well the day has finally come and the Bandits are on the road again. I’m finally starting to experience life outside of a business parking lot and Jason Moffatt (MAH-FAT) is onboard and the bandits are finally Leaving Las Vegas. But before we headed out we checked out CoverEdge were

Happy 26th Birthday Randy

Author: | Categories: VIDEOS 20 Comments
Hey folks, Jason Moffatt doing a guest post here to say Happy Birthday to Randy. Give Randy some birthday love!

Drink, Drank, Drunk! My New Years in Vegas

Author: | Categories: LIFE, VIDEOS 10 Comments
Its now 2010 and New Years Eve in Las Vegas is over and I’ve got some questions and I bet you do too. First off, why did I drink so much? Second, how did I end up in a hospital and why was I strapped to a bed? And finally,

The Freedom of a Drum Circle

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 1 Comment
So I recently checked out the famous Venice Beach in California and while there I saw a crowd off the boardwalk huddling around like they were having a meeting. Then out of nowhere they all began to scream and then it happened! The beat started and so did the

Road Bandit’s Quest For Sponsorship

Author: | Categories: VIDEOS No comments
Bird and I have had hours of conversations, big time debates that last all through the night, and finally we have come to an agreement… needs Sponsorship.

The Ups and Downs of a Road Bandit Pt 2

Author: | Categories: LIFE, TRAVEL, VIDEOS 6 Comments
You can’t fail at something unless you quit at it…right? Well I don’t know how to quit and the only way failure will happen to me would have to be by death. I am a persistent person and even though I might not get it right the first time

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon San Diego

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 5 Comments
It’s my last day in San Diego before I head to LA and today’s got awesomeness written all over it!

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 7 Comments
Its my final days here in Vegas before I head to San Diego…and its time to go all out.  So I headed just off the  strip to Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Eldorado Canyon ATV Tour

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 6 Comments
Grab your helmets ladies and gentlemen. Its time for some ATV fun in the Nevada desert!

Pinball Hall of Fame Museum

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 1 Comment
Well today I had the pleasure of checking out the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. With close to 200 pinball machines I knew this shoot was going to be nothing but good times!

Nelson Ghost Mines

Author: | Categories: TRAVEL, VIDEOS 4 Comments
I found out about the ghost mines of Nelson Nevada from Casey Fessler of He was there a week earlier doing a photo shoot and when he described the place, I knew right away that it was material.