Take A Motivation Vacation

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There is only twenty-four hours in the day and for most that time is spent sleeping, driving and working. But what if you could take some of that time back and make it yours. No, I am not talking about Inception (even though that movie rocked and you all need to see it). I’m talking about giving yourself time to reflect on your life and also time to create and get motivated towards new possibilities.

When I first decided I was going to purchase an RV and hit the road I devoted some time to imagine what it would like.  I spent countless nights staring up at the ceiling of my crappy apartment with a huge smile on my face, while I envisioned myself cruising around the world experiencing life like never before.

Now, out on the road instead of the ceiling, I am staring up at blue sunny skies, drafting up ideas for Road Bandit projects and reflecting on the life I have lived so far and the life that I’m starting to live out on the open road.

I setup my mp3 player with some awesome tunes and just sit on my roof and let everything slow down a bit.  I let my mind just run and see where It wants to go.  Sometimes the perfect tune comes on at the perfect time and I feel like my life is a movie and this is the part where the awesome montage starts up.

I get chills sometimes when I realize how lucky I am to have these amazing moments of reflection out on the road. I feel very energized and powerful after each moment and I recommend to everyone out there to take time out of your daily routine and reflect and be thankful for what you got.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”- Willie Nelson

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