I think I found my life coach :)

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The best thing you can do when you are in a rut is to talk about it and take the first step in getting out of it. So that’s just what I did. I put it out there and let everyone know I’m trying to change and I’m looking for some guidance or suggestions on ways to get this Bandit back on the right road to happiness.

My last post titled “An Honest Call For Help” was a very embarrassing post, but after getting a ton of awesome feedback and support, I am so glad that I posted it.

At the end of my post I describe my need for a personal life coach of some type. Someone who could evaluate my lifestyle, understand where I am going and help me get there. Well guess what? I found my life coach or should I say life coaches…It’s all of you!

I don’t need a paid professional who follows some formula or guide that works with the average person. I just need to stay focused, set goals and when I need guidance or support I need not go anywhere but here…the interwebs y’all. We all struggle everyday with so many challenges and most of these challenges can easily be fixed or even avoided if we just step out of our bubbles and communicate with those around us who care to listen.

I’m now just realizing this, better late than never right? I have distanced myself from my original family and friends, taken on a whole new lifestyle and with these changes comes new possibilities…if I realize them. Its all about perspectives and mine have changed so much over the last two years its mind boggling.

I see every new person I meet on the road as not just a new friend but a new family member to me. It’s a beautiful feeling when I realize how lucky I am to have met so many awesome and caring people so far on my travels.

Now with this ever growing list of friends and family comes the responsibility to treat them with love and respect and know that its not just me on this journey anymore but all of you as well…you digg?

Some believe in religion, others in science and this Road Bandit believes in everything and everyone. Its all possible when you get your heart and mind right. So now its time to take the next step in bringing you all in on this crazy journey of life with me.

After I posted my last post I was listening to Anthony Robbins and went through a goal setting exercise to layout a plan to get myself back on track. Now Mr. Robbins explains that so many people don’t realize the power of setting goals. They also don’t realize the power of not just thinking about them in your head but taking action and writing them down on paper. Write it down and already you’ve taken the first step towards success.

Well I’m ready to take another step and share with you my personal goals for the next 12 months.

These goals are broken down into three main categories: Personal Development, Thing Goals and Economic Goals. For each category you write for five minutes on all the things you want to achieve in that area and when you would like to achieve it by and why you are committed to achieving that goal. For Example: Personal Development – I want to lose 20 pounds- within a year- and I am committed to achieving this goal to experience more energy and confidence in myself.

There is a power in sharing with the world your goals and ambitions and the Law Of Attraction is always working and the more energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in so many ways, shapes and forms.

So Here Ya Go Road Bandit Followers- My Top 3 Goals For Each Category For The Next 12 Months

Personal Development

I Want To Exercise And Meditate Everyday – I am committed to achieving this goal to feel better, have more energy and have the passion and confidence to take on any challenge. I will look great and I will be at peace with life and the flow of the world :)

Make Road Bandit Take Off- I am committed to achieving this goal because this my life and passion. I will meet great people, experience great moments and share them with everyone. This is my life project and it is a part of me.

I Want A Relationship That Brings Out The Best In Me- I am committed to achieving this goals so I can truly experience love and have someone to share my life with. I will have someone to comfort as they will comfort me. I will give it my all and be fully committed to her.

Thing Goals

Sony EX-1 Video Camera- I am committed to having this in my life within one year to be able to share my vision in HD to the world. I will capture beautiful moments that will bring chills to me every time I watch the playback.

New Mac Laptop– I am committed to having this in my life within one year so I can edit everything I shoot and it will be quick and painless. I will start to enjoy editing more, which will bring more joy to me and all those around me.

Personal Life Coach/Assistant- I am committed to having this in my life within one year so I can accomplish my goals and stay on track and be more productive everyday.

Economic Goals

Make $5,000/ Month – Resolve Tax Problems – Setup A Debt Plan

I will make this happen within one year because it will allow me the freedom to live my life the way I want to. Go anywhere and do anything. The past Tax/Debt will be cleared up and I will start laying out the foundation for the future.

So there it is! 9 goals…WAIT! Make That 8 Goals! That’s right I just found a Life Coach and its YOU! Thanks for reading and give this goal setting exercise a go and before you know it you will be on track to get whatever you want out of life.

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