Money on the Brain

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Shitty Money

Money! Damn you! You are evil!

I know people who have a ton of it yet hate their lives!

I know people who won’t start to live their lives till they have enough!

I hate you money! I am dead broke right now and I have never felt so alive! When I think about money I think about excuses. Do I really need money to be happy right now. Yes I am aware money is essential to survive in society. But how much of your day is spent thinking about the green paper?

Most of my days are wasted looking for answers to questions that keep changing…Like what happens after I die?

OK… So my favorite color just so happens to be green…but not because it’s the color of money. Its been my favorite color since my childhood. Mainly because of grass. I was a very active kid who built forts and played many sports and the color green was constantly around me in the grass I played on and the woods I explored.

Don't Listen! Live

Now I am 25 and when I hear the word green its either Money or Drugs.

Economy Shmonomy! This is not the time to live in fear and waste away years of life because the DOW Jones is down!

Society today is going through a major change and we are all feeling the effects. Fear is the biggest effect, that most people have to just ignore.

I always just tell myself one simple thing…I got one life and if I don’t go for it now I might never!

How many times throughout your week do you look up at the sky, see the clouds, the stars, and the sun. Well don’t stare straight at the sun….but you know what I mean!

C’mon People! Put down the cell phones!!! There is a whole world out there for you and me to play in! Who’s up for building the world’s largest slip n slide?

It’s never too late or too soon! Because as we all know, yet always ignore…

Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed!

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