The Snooze Button On Life

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We are all guilty of it from time to time and in my case it would be most of the time. I have mentally slept through some awesome early moments in my life that if I just got myself motivated enough to get going sooner, things would be well… shoulda woulda coulda right?

Its seem like every morning I wake up I have to battle with myself to get up. Now once I get up it usually takes me about 5-10 minutes to truly be awake. This early morning battle comes down to one thing and one thing only. What is better for Randy right now…more sleep or more life. Back in the day I had Ma and Pa to come barging into my room and yell at me that the bus is outside and if I miss it I’m walking to school. Those days are gone and I am responsible for getting up and once I am up I gotta get going. I have said this many times and I truly mean it when I say it “Self-Motivation is an art” I know I am not alone on this and would love to hear some feedback on how you win the battle with the Snooze Button On Life.  In order to get up right away do you just get up and do an early morning dance? Do you stare at the ceiling until it bores you enough to get up? Do you wake and then bake…cookies? Oh yeah by the way Happy 420! So lets hear some and who knows maybe one of your tactics could get this Bandit to throw away that damn snooze button mentality.

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