It’s Time To Impress Yourself

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I try to go through life with little to no expectations, hope for the best and then give it my all. Take chances, learn from my mistakes and tell that little voice in my head that says I can’t, to sit back and enjoy the show.

However, recently my initial thoughts have been that odds are I might fail. But odds are just numbers that hold no meaning in Randy Land. In the end, when the dust has settled and I’ve achieved my goal that at first seemed risky, I just sit back and realize “damn dude I am impressed.”

Self doubt is a disease that can only be cured by changing your thinking or proving yourself wrong.  Sometimes you can push away self doubt with a quick mental moment where you realize that if you said out loud the thoughts that were in your head you would sound like a dumbass.

But the most effective and exciting cure for proving yourself and others wrong is by going out there and just doing it. The Nike company might have an overpriced clothing line but their slogan is worth its weight in gold! “JUST DO IT”

A slow and steady pace forward might get you to your destination but what’s to say you don’t get lost or run out of fuel before you get there?

It’s like the moment before you get into a pool or lake or the ocean. You can either walk slowly in and let the water numb your body till it seems warm or you can run, jump and scream your way towards an exciting splash.

Sure, at first it’s intense but five to ten seconds later your swimming around telling others they need to jump in cause the water’s perfect and they’re all missing out.

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