The Same You As Yesterday

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Each day I try and learn something new, even if its something small, I know that I’m at least moving forward on that day. When you wake up the next day are you a more advanced you? Did you try something the day before that you learned something from? Before you can truly help someone else in life you need to take care of yourself first. Self improvement doesn’t just help yourself it helps those who are around you as well. From these new experiences you have more confidence which makes others want to be around you.  Remember the core of your spirit comes from new experiences and each day everyone should have at least one.

Meet someone new each day and you’ve got 365 new friends each year. As I’m typing this blog at a Chilli’s in Las Vegas I will demonstrate just how easy it can be. Meet Brian who is a waiter at Chili’s. I could have just ate my food, paid my bill, given him a standard tip and went on my way. But what if I asked him about his life and shared the story of mine. Suddenly this lunch isn’t so bland and boring but instead unique and interesting. So I asked Brian how is life treating him and he explained that hes working here at Chili’s in order to get back to managing again. See Brian like many other people ran a ground in the last couple of years when the recession kicked in and he was forced to close his Tropical Smoothie restaurant. But Brian isn’t sulking at home wishing and waiting…no no no he’s out there moving forward and setting goals and soon he’ll be back to managing his own joint. Good luck to ya Brian, stay focused and your goals will get accomplished :)


For me I use meditation…each day give yourself time to reflect and focus on what you’ve got going for you and where your going to go. I lose my drive all the time while on the road and it frustrates the hell out of me, but each time I fall into that rut I try and accomplish something. Whether its work or exercise or experiences, every single time I take action I feel great and become more focused and aligned with being myself again. Mix it up! Get in your car or hope on a bike or walk to a place you haven’t been before. Check out a restaurant or store or museum and just walk around. Smile at everyone who makes eye contact with. A smile goes a long way :) but just remember that a weird smile goes the wrong way :/These new experiences become a part of you and when you wake up the next day your a different you with new knowledge, new friends and new experiences that can make you a better you.
So what are you waiting for?
Go out there right now and do something you haven’t experienced before. Then come back and share your experience with your friends, family and of course me:)
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