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Thank You Robert

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Two nights ago I was hired to run audio for a live interview for HBO Sports. The interview was at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s home in Las Vegas.  We were only going to be on-air for about four minutes but had to show up there six hours before the hit

In search of LA

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LA. We all know about it, but who here has truly lived it. There are so many different LA’s and I am out to discovery them all. Just point me in the right direction and let my camera and I do the dancey dance of fun.  So if you’ve

“Happiness is only real when shared”- Christopher McCandless

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“Without help from anyone I honestly would not be where I am today. Road life is rough and at times you will start to feel the lonely bug kicking in and things just feel less important when your sitting all alone in your RV”. First off, I gotta thank

The Ups and Downs of a Road Bandit Pt 2

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You can’t fail at something unless you quit at it…right? Well I don’t know how to quit and the only way failure will happen to me would have to be by death. I am a persistent person and even though I might not get it right the first time

The Ups and Downs of a Road Bandit Pt 1

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Its been 502 days, 8 hours and 32 minutes exactly since I first hit the road from Everett Washington. Wow over 500 days and I still get excited every time I get to start up the RV and hit the road towards a new destination.

Trying to land on some free parking

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Being a full time RVer comes with constant challenges. Most are easy like: oil changes, propane fill-ups and dumping the holding tank. But one challenge that always seems to get harder and harder is finding some safe and free parking.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon San Diego

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It’s my last day in San Diego before I head to LA and today’s got awesomeness written all over it!

Goodbye Desert…Hello Ocean

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Its Official! Road Bandit has taken a turn for the Best and headed to none other than California. First stop is San Diego…the birth place of Randy Primm and one beautiful stop after being in the desert for over a month.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

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Its my final days here in Vegas before I head to San Diego…and its time to go all out.  So I headed just off the  strip to Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Eldorado Canyon ATV Tour

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Grab your helmets ladies and gentlemen. Its time for some ATV fun in the Nevada desert!

Pinball Hall of Fame Museum

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Well today I had the pleasure of checking out the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. With close to 200 pinball machines I knew this shoot was going to be nothing but good times!

Worlds Largest Bikini Parade

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After spending the last couple days off the Las Vegas strip, I decided to get involved with some of the cities afternoon activity’s. It just so happened that today Vegas was taking a stab at one of the Guinness’s World Records for the Worlds Largest Bikini Parade…today was going