Road Bandit’s Quest For Sponsorship

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Bird and I have had hours of conversations, big time debates that last all through the night, and finally we have come to an agreement… needs Sponsorship.

I hate talking about money and hate even more that I have to. I am right now trying ever so hard to get the road bandit project to the next level. My first attempts have been promotional videos to select companies that would like to get involved. So far its been a clean sweep of No’s and it sucks to hear that many No’s all in a row.

Meet Frank

Meet Frank- Frank is my next attempt at sponsorship glory. He is the host of an online extreme-sports show. Only problem is… he never had a show. He’s one of the No’s… But check out that killa shirt. “Man Frank, you got style! Its a shame once the show got canceled I left you in my fridge and then accidentally turned the fridge off and then you got all stinky and stuff and I had to toss you out. I had to Frank, you got the stinks and it brought me to tears…Your in my prayers… I will miss you Frank.”

Bird takes a sniff of Frank to ensure he’s on the level

Bird takes a sniff of Frank to ensure he’s on the level

Sponsorship will lead to bigger and better things for Road and right now I just have to get the word out and see who listens. I truly believe in the Road Bandit project and I can’t wait to take to the next level. I plan on traveling all over the world and searching out for true signs of life. This planet is calling me and I can’t afford the phone bill to listen right now.  So soon enough there will be a celebration heard round the world! Soon enough money won’t be slowing me down! Soon enough sponsorship will show up and I will be ready!

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