Checking off #1 on my Bucket List

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Saturday December 3rd 2011 is the day I checked off the number one item on my Bucket List, which was to work a UFC event cageside. Not only did I get to work cagside during all the live fights but my job was to go inside the Octagon before and after each round of the fight.  Even before I hit the road in 2008 I told myself that one day I would work a UFC event and that day has finally happened.

I was experiencing such  an amazing alignment of my biggest dream and my current reality that not even those poor Make-A-Wish kids get to experience.  It all starts with believing 100% that it will happen. You may not know when or how but you know it will. So if the belief and desire stays with you as you progress through life I can promise you that your personal bucket list will fill up with nothing but check marks.

Never tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. 

Oh yeah and in case you were wondering… my # 2 on my Bucket List is to get in a cage, have that cage dropped in the ocean and have a Great White Shark come swing by so I can get amazing footage and also to get close enough to whisper in its inner ear “Hey, I think you’re pretty rad bro.”


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