The next 100,000 miles

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I’ve heard the saying that your life is made up by a handful of moments. Well I got pretty big hands so I think I can hold a ton of moments :) I think about that saying and it brings me back to April 10th 2008….the day I first headed out in my RV. This day is definitely one of those moments. As I leave Everett Washington I get the kind of excitement and nervousness I’ve only gotten one other time in my life. That other time came at 13,000 ft when I was just about to jump out of an airplane and experience skydiving for the first time. Both of these scenarios get described by many as foolish and crazy, while others would describe them as brave and inspiring.


Fast forward to June 22nd 2010 as I cruise the 101 north with the ocean to my left and grass fields to my right I watch the odometer slowly turn from 99,999 to 100,000. Of course, I should have pulled over and slowly crept to the 100,000 to ensure a perfect picture for everyone to enjoy. But just like the last 2 years of living in an RV I kept the pedal to the medal and grabbed what photo’s I could. These last 2 years have gone by in such a weird and fascinating way. See most people say “wow time flies” for me it was wow “time is insane”. Some moments lasted for ever, such as the cold ass winters in Vegas. While other moments like when I was traveling the country with Jason Moffatt went by like a lighting bolt in storm. Some may have caught a glimbse but for most it was an unseen and unheard event that hopefully won’t be the last.

It’s Mofatt Season!

I am Moffatt hunting as I type this. Thats right Jason Moffatt hunting! See Mr. Jason Mo-to-the Fatt is out traveling the country ala Bandit style and I am sitting here at an Oregon rest stop just hours away from where he was last seen. Now I don’t know how long Jason will be on the road or if and when I will be able to meet up and reunite the Bandit’s. But one thing is for sure, if I catch a Moffatt you will all here about it real soon:)

So whats next? What will the next 100,000 miles hold for this Bandit? Will Bird finally learn to talk?

All these questions and more will be answered as you follow along. I can tell you this though. I have met some amazing people, who have supported and cared about me since I first hit the road. I am not a religious guy by any means but I feel somewhat blessed. If you are one of those amazing people who have commented, emailed, called or even just smiled at me since my journey first started…Thank You from the bottom of my heart. If we ever get a chance to meet I will give you one great tall man hug and if thats not enough how bout a slap on the ass :)

So here is to you and those like you, for without you there would be no me and without me this post would not exist and instead you would be reading some crappy blog about Internet Marketing or Lady Gaga or a recipe for Black Bean Casserole.

Stay classy and keep on smiling :)

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