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Cheers Without The Beers

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Today is August 1st 2010. Today is my sisters 25th birthday. Today is also the 1st day of my Super Sober Fun Time Challenge! I woke up this morning or should I say this afternoon, slightly hungover and lacking the drive to get up and get my day going.

The next 100,000 miles

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I’ve heard the saying that your life is made up by a handful of moments. Well I got pretty big hands so I think I can hold a ton of moments :) I think about that saying and it brings me back to April 10th 2008….the day I first

I think I found my life coach :)

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The best thing you can do when you are in a rut is to talk about it and take the first step in getting out of it. So that’s just what I did. I put it out there and let everyone know I’m trying to change and I’m looking

An Honest Call For Help

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I haven’t posted a blog or shot a road bandit video in quite some time and the main reason behind my lack of production is well embarrassing. I’ve been told not to post the whole truth of why your struggling since in devalues yourself in the eyes of your

Walk For The Cure

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While on the road I try and pick up shooting gigs in each city I am in and last week in Vegas I had the pleasure of covering a group of friends and family on their first “walk for a cure” experience. I’ve never participated in a walk myself

The Same You As Yesterday

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Each day I try and learn something new, even if its something small, I know that I’m at least moving forward on that day. When you wake up the next day are you a more advanced you? Did you try something the day before that you learned something from?

Tips From The Road #1 Facebook Photo Zoom

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This is the first episode of a new series called “Tips From The Road” where I will share with you some crazy new tips I’ve learned while traveling around the world. This first episode is about the awesome new internet browser Google Chrome and the exsteniosn Facebook Photo Zoom.

Home Is Where I’m Parked

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I have spent my first 4 years of life in San Diego, 20 years in Washington State and now 2 years on the road as a Road Bandit. Friends and family back home ask me all the time “When are you coming back home?” or “Are you still on

The Snooze Button On Life

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We are all guilty of it from time to time and in my case it would be most of the time. I have mentally slept through some awesome early moments in my life that if I just got myself motivated enough to get going sooner, things would be well…

The Bandit Is Back In Vegas

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Hello World! Its Randy the “Road Bandit” and I am back in Las Vegas for a week trying to put together a nice string of jobs and shoot some fun Road Bandit Videos before I head back to San Diego. Its been a crazy last couple of months with

Happy Birthday Jason Moffatt

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Its April 18th and I am in search of a gift for Jason Moffatt for his B-day. Jason is in San Diego while I am here in Vegas trying for some jobs. When it was my Birthday in January Jason shot a nice video for me…so what should I

Alby Mangels- A True Road Bandit

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I have been in a weird state of mind lately and I’ve been searching for some motivation and inspiration to get me back on track. Last night I received both in the form of an e-mail from Jason Moffatt. The subject line was a very intriguing one. It read