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MMA, commonly called “UFC” by newbies and girls alike, stands for Mixed Martial Arts and it’s really Badass! So who better than to be my first  Road Bandit online interview than founder and amateur fighter Keith Talarico of First off, what is MMABadass and where is it going?

Get Inspired This Weekend

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Tony Robbins and NBC just released four more full episodes of the recently canceled show “Breakthrough.” The show “Breakthrough” is about motivation and inspiration as Tony Robbins deals with unique stories of despair and hardships in people’s lives. He gives people thirty days to turn their lives around and

Do You Trust Yourself?

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Life has its ups and downs and for someone who doesn’t learn from those downs he or she will surely have less ups in the long run. But what about taking risks, going for the gold, risking it all and listening to nobody but yourself? Everyone is after “absolute

Patiently Building Momentum

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The Road Bandit Project is picking up steam but it hasn’t been easy. I feel like each time takes a dive and I stop producing videos and posts I let down a bunch of fans. Like I have said many a time before… problems with money and motivation

ProperMonkey Photography

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Since hitting the road in April of 2008 I have met some really cool and talented people. On the top of that list would have to be Casey Fessler of ProperMonkey Photography. This guy has the passion and the skills to take any picture, in any situation and make

Sober In Seattle

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I’m nine days into my super sober August and so far it’s been EPIC! I have been more productive than the last two months combined and I can’t even imagine what the rest of the month will bring. Before I hit the road and started Banditing it up, I

Hit A Chick…Get Your Ass Kicked

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So this last week I was forced to watch a TMZ video and it was EPIC! The Video involved Roger Huerta, a former UFC Fighter. Roger was involved in a street fight in Austin, Texas when a guy decided to sucker punch a chick right in front of him.

ChatRoulette – Use With Caution

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First off, have you heard of If not, brace yourself because you’re in for one crazy ride. was created by Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old high school student in Moscow, Russia. He got the idea from messing around on video chats onSkype and then created the program in less

Life Comes First

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No guarantees! No second chances and no regrets…well hopefully. It’s life, it’s precious and it’s yours! No plan, except to be successful. Taking risks to reap the rewards. No 9 to 5 ever again! Went out on a limb and let the universe take over and so far so

Own Your Moment!

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Everyone can, but not everyone will. When the moment comes chances are you will either crap your pants and freeze up, or go for the glory and give it all you’ve got; there is no in between. Either you own it, or you lose it! I’ve met people who

Picking Up My Pieces

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Randy Dumpty sat on the wall, Randy Dumpty had a big fall. All the bandits fans and all the bandits best men, couldn’t put Randy Dumpty back together again. An old ass poem with many meanings will get us started on another fun filled post about the daily struggles

In Rob Burns We Trust

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Rob Burns is a badass and this is why: Rob’s tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried When Rob Burns does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down Rob Burns lost his virginity before his dad did On the 7th day, God