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If you only really knew John LaBossiere

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John LaBossiere April 13th 1983 – November 1st 2009 This is by far the hardest post I have ever tried to write. Life has so many different stories and the story of John Labossiere has tragically ended. My good friend John was shot to death by a police officer

The Freedom of a Drum Circle

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So I recently checked out the famous Venice Beach in California and while there I saw a crowd off the boardwalk huddling around like they were having a meeting. Then out of nowhere they all began to scream and then it happened! The beat started and so did the

Blog World Las Vegas

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Lets get down to brass tax. Its October, has been around since March of this year and I have very little to show for it. So it’s time to kick the tires and light the fires. First off, I gotta learn me some of this fancy shmancy social

It could be a lot worse

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No this is not “Betsy” my RV. This is just a frightening reminder of how bad things could get. Given all the mistakes I have made and the opportunities I have let slip away… it definitely could be a lot worse.

The Road Bandit Truth

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The Road Bandit Project is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do in my life. I feel like a failure that hasn’t truly failed yet. So much potential lies ahead, only problem is, I’m not moving forward.

Thank You Robert

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Two nights ago I was hired to run audio for a live interview for HBO Sports. The interview was at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s home in Las Vegas.  We were only going to be on-air for about four minutes but had to show up there six hours before the hit

Road Bandit’s Quest For Sponsorship

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Bird and I have had hours of conversations, big time debates that last all through the night, and finally we have come to an agreement… needs Sponsorship.

Like a moth to a flame

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Whats weird about naming my Cat “Bird”? Wouldn’t a Bird named “Cat” be even weirder? Well now that we got that out of the way its time to get some work done. But of course the only work I can get right now is in the middle of the

So it has come to this

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Look left or right as you drive down a main street in your city and you’ll probably spot at least a couple. Walk a block or two in your city and they’ll find you.  What are they? Better yet why are they what they are?…Confused yet? I am talking

In search of LA

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LA. We all know about it, but who here has truly lived it. There are so many different LA’s and I am out to discovery them all. Just point me in the right direction and let my camera and I do the dancey dance of fun.  So if you’ve

“Happiness is only real when shared”- Christopher McCandless

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“Without help from anyone I honestly would not be where I am today. Road life is rough and at times you will start to feel the lonely bug kicking in and things just feel less important when your sitting all alone in your RV”. First off, I gotta thank

The Ups and Downs of a Road Bandit Pt 2

Author: | Categories: LIFE, TRAVEL, VIDEOS 6 Comments
You can’t fail at something unless you quit at it…right? Well I don’t know how to quit and the only way failure will happen to me would have to be by death. I am a persistent person and even though I might not get it right the first time